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Network Password Recovery 1.21 Download

Network Password Recovery 1.21

License: Freeware Free
Publisher: NirSoft
File size: 47KB
OS: Windows 7, Vista, 2003, XP, 2008, 98, Me
Date added: 2009-10-27
Category: Security

Network Password Recovery 1.21 Description

"Recover all network passwords for the current logged-on user."

EditBy: When you connect to a network share on your LAN or to your .NET Passport account, Windows allows you to save your password in order to use it in each time that you connect the remote server. This utility recovers all network passwords stored on your system for the current logged-on user.

Which passwords this utility can recover?

* Login passwords of remote computers on your LAN.
* Passwords of mail accounts on exchange server (stored by Outlook 2003)
* Password of MSN Messenger / Windows Messenger accounts
* Internet Explorer 7.x and 8.x: passwords of password-protected Web sites ("Basic Authentication" or "Digest Access Authentication")
The item name of IE7 passwords always begin with "Microsoft_WinInet" prefix.

Version 1.21:
* Added /sort command-line option.
* The passwords stored by Remote Desktop 6. you can free download Network Password Recovery 1.21 now.

Network Password Recovery 1.21 Keywords

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