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Winamp 5.35 Download

Winamp 5.35

License: Freeware Free
Publisher: Nullsoft
File size: 5.93MB
OS: Windows Vista, 2003, XP, 2000
Date added: 2009-10-27
Category: MP3 & Audio

Winamp 5.35 Description

"plays streamed video content, both live and recorded, authored worldwide."

Editor: plays streamed video content, both live and rWinamp is a multimedia player made by Nullsoft. It is skinnable, multi-format freeware. It also now plays streamed video content, both live and recorded, authored worldwide. Winamp 5 includes support for classic Winamp skins and Winamp 3 (Modern) skins; a fancy new Modern skin; the same classic skin for people who want the Winamp 2 feel; a vastly more powerful Media Library; CD-ripping support (AAC@2x in the Free version, MP3 at unlimited speeds in the Pro version); CD-burning support (limited to 6x in the free version); advanced title-formatting logic for file types that support it; huge AVS updates; support for playback of AAC and VP6 in NSV files/streams; global hot-key support; a new Signal Processing Studio DSP plug-in; options for disabling plug-in exception-handling for developers; a new Winamp icon; and the addition of XP MANIFEST.xml to winamp.exe.

Winamp 5.X version feature:
Main Window
Winamp 5 features our new Modern Skin that's easier to use and more powerful than ever
Easily access the Media Library (ML), Playlist Editor (PL), integrated Video or Visualizations (Video/Vis Drawer), or the EQ, Skin Options, and Color Themes (Config Drawer) from the Main Window
Includes over 50 color themes that suit nearly every mood or occasion!
Winamp 5 carries forward the unobtrusive 'Window Shade'

Play list editor
Drag and drop media directly into a Playlist from Windows Explorer or the Media Library
Jump directly to an item within the list by double clicking it or selecting the item and press Enter
Sort Playlists by title, file name, or path and file name
Easily Open and Save Playlists from the Manage Playlist button

Winamp Video
Play many major video formats (NSV, WMV, MPG, win amp xvid codecetc.) with ease
Easily resize video playback using the 1x, 2x, and Maximize window buttons
Watch your Favorite Videos in Full Screen mode
Quick access to dozens of Internet TV stations created by user you can free download Winamp 5.35 now.

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