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WSMS 1.5.3 Download

WSMS 1.5.3

License: Shareware N/A
File size: 783MB
OS: Windows 2003, XP, 2000
Date added: 2009-10-27
Category: Chat & E-mail

WSMS 1.5.3 Description

"WSMS is a simple and friendly 1-on-1 live chatting system."

Edit by : it is a simple and friendly to use 1-on-1 live chatting system. It all started when we wanted to add a Live Chat support service to a web site we have maintained. After looking around we found several systems that may do the work but they were all very expensive. Think about it, "its only a chat system".

Well, we started developing our own system. Soon it became more and more complicated. It is one thing to have a simple One-on-One chat system but a rather a more complicated system if you want to give a bunch of users (Client side) access to a list of supporters (Support side). Our aim was and still is to see that the client gets the best service. The system is designed to be as simple to use but with good features. The visiting client does not need to install any software and uses his standard browser. On the support side, there is a Windows application. you can free download WSMS 1.5.3 now.

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    WSMS is a simple and friendly 1-on-1 live chatting system.

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