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NameScanner 1.5.1 Download

NameScanner 1.5.1

License: Shareware $29
Publisher: Guido Festraets
File size: 270KB
OS: Windows 2000, 98
Date added: 2009-10-27
Category: Internet

NameScanner 1.5.1 Description

"Searching for free domain names through a web based form"

Editor: Searching for free domain names through a web based form, involves: typing a domain name, clicking a link or a button, and waiting... waiting... waiting... for the results, heavily loaded with publicity banners. Try another name, wait, and so on...NameScanner lets you quickly scan LISTS of names. You won't see a shred of commercial messages, just text! And it saves the results of each scanning session!Before starting a scan, type your list of names, let the program generate a list of semi-random names, import a textfile with domain names, or paste from the clipboard. Clean up the list of names, automatically removing tabs, spaces, and words that are not domain names. Apply filters: only .COM, .NET, .ORG, .UK, no names starting with a number, no names with a hyphen, set a maximum length, and so on...Undo function. Set an EXCLUDE list, telling the program which names NOT to scan. Great for scanning a long list of names, spread out over several sessions: don't scan again tomorrow what you already scanned today!Save your lists of names; e.g., "merge" lists of names: import a list, add a second, third,... and save the combined list for later processing.time limited offer: Get EXPISCAN for free, the only PC-utility that scans for expired domain names! Shows lists of EXPIRED domain names in real time, based upon keywords that you enter. Over 50000 names per hour (yes, fifty-thousand!) you can free download NameScanner 1.5.1 now.

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Name Scan

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