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Amazing Slow Downer 3.2.3 Download

Amazing Slow Downer 3.2.3

License: Shareware $44.95
Publisher: Roni Music
File size: 1.26MB
OS: Windows Vista, XP, 2000
Date added: 2009-10-27
Category: MP3 & Audio

Amazing Slow Downer 3.2.3 Description

"Slows down music in real-time without changing the pitch."

If you're making music and trying to learn a new song or technique then this program could be your saviour. Amazing Slow Downer allows you to repeat any section of a music track at Full Speed, slow it down, or even speed it up by stretching the music by -50% to 400% - all without changing the pitch.

Features of the program include:

Slows down the speed of the music - Between -50% and 400% time-stretching without changing the pitch
Change the pitch in semi-tones - at full or lower speed
Adjust the pitch in cents (100ths of a semi-tone) to suit your instrument
Real-time processing - all described above is done in real-time - just insert the CD and press the play button
Slows down MP3, Wave, Windows Media Audio, Ogg, FLAC and AAC/M4A files on your computer in real-time you can free download Amazing Slow Downer 3.2.3 now.

Amazing Slow Downer 3.2.3 Keywords

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