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Resource Hacker 3.4.0


Resource Hacker 3.4.0

    view, modify, add, delete or extract resources in executables and resource files

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    • Resource Database Editor
      Building EXE file independent resource files. .NET 1.1/2.0 in C#/VB; also VB 6.
    • ur
      Provide printable math worksheet and activitie for the differentiated classroom.
    • TDirectoryWatch Component
      A non-visual component which notifies whenever files have changed
    • RSSMate
      An RSS icon will be displayed in the notification area of the Windows taskbar
    • TMostRecentFiles Component
      Dramatically simplifies implementing a 'Most Recently Used' file list in a menu
    • TPages
      Visual component for simple reports
    • TDiff
      Includes TextDiff - a text file compare-merge utility.
    • MD5Check
      MD5Check - a utility to create and check MD5 checksums.
    • TZip
      Non-visual component to support PKZip compatible compression and decompression
    • TSizeCtrl
      Non-visual component to enable runtime moving and resizing of controls.
    • Drag & Drop Component Suite
      Support inter-application drag and drop of files, text, bitmaps and urls.
    • Search Components
      Enable very fast data searches using the Boyer-Moore search algorithm.
    • PDFTK Builder
      A free graphical interface to the Windows version of PDFTK making it easy.
    • Delphi Code Converter
      a utility which displays Delphi code in HTML & RTF code converter flv moyea vide
    • Resource Hacker
      view, modify, add, delete or extract resources in executables and resource files
    • ZipFix
      Non-visual component to repair damaged Zip files.
    • Internode Monthly Usage Meter
      A free Windows utility designed primarily to monitor download usage
    • Drawing Objects
      A Delphi utilities of 17 diagram components
    • TDateEdit
      This component has been designed for quick and easy data entry

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